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Accommodation in Galicia - Travel Guide

Travelling around the Spanish region of Galicia, this beautiful corner of the north is home to wild mountains and canyons, unspoiled rugged coastlines and remote beaches. The Galician coast has been carved and shaped by the sea, sometimes gently rolling up the coast, and others thundering against the shore and washing up on its secluded beaches. Its river, the Miño, and its main tributary the Sil, carve a path through this area before forming part of the border with Portugal and spilling into the welcoming Atlantic. This river combines with Galicia’s rocky terrain to form lush green valleys and agricultural areas, and a trip to Galicia is one that is sure to be accompanied by pure, fresh air; gorgeous wines and cheap, fantastic local delicacies.

There are two main climate areas within Galicia. The south-east (roughly within the Ourense province) is warmer in the summer, with milder temperatures and rainfall throughout the year. The western and northern coastal regions (the provinces of Lugo, A Coruña and Pontevedra) have a much more standard level of rainfall throughout the year, with milder summers.

Travelling around Galicia, one discovers an hospitable people always ready with a warm and friendly welcome, as well as cities steeped in cultural heritage, art and tradition. Rich in culture, sometimes even called “The First Country in Europe”, this beautiful and unique corner of Spain is scattered with Celtic and Roman remains paying homage to its glorious past, if you know where to look…

Holiday in Galicia

The Galician coast is speckled with fishing towns and villages, all with a unique story to tell. The Tower of Hercules, an ancient Roman lighthouse, welcomes visitors to A Coruña, while the town of Vigo, with its bustling O Calvaria Municipal Market, and its Old Town which is the perfect place for fresh oysters and a glass of Ribeiro wine.

Venturing further inland, the ancient stones of the region’s capital, Santiago de Compostela, make it a Romanesque treasure. Santiago is a wealth of history, museums and beautiful streets. In fact its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this historic town is a must for those interested in learning more about the firm link between this corner of Spain and the Roman Empire. Walking along the streets of Pontevedra’s Old Quarter is also a treat for the intrepid explorer, with its squares, monuments, nooks and crannies all dying to be reconnoitred.

Renting holiday accommodation in Galicia

When deciding on a place to stay while holidaying in Galicia, the most authentic way to start an adventure in the region is to stay in a holiday rental. Rather than only living in the touristy districts, with their high rise hotels and overpriced knick knacks, a holiday rental gives you the opportunity to live like a local. Whether you prefer to visit the local market and pick up some fresh shellfish, find out why all the locals go to that little restaurant on the corner with the bad décor, or find a hidden spot away from the hordes, finding a city centre apartment or suburban cottage allows a level of freedom you can’t experience any other way. And at the end of a long day exploring, nothing beats being able to put your feet up on the couch in your very own lounge, perhaps with a shot of queimada – a Galician spirit made from wine flavoured with herbs and coffee – and that recipe for empanadas gallegas the neighbour wrote down for you.


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