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Just on the outskirts of Paris, and a part of La Défense, the business district, Courbevoie is naturally well-served by a variety of transport, ensuring that while you maintain a small remove from the hectic pace of the city, you’re but a few minutes journey from its many cultural, historic and romantic seductions. Having become more residential in recent years, Courbevoie is now something of an urban paradise, with the beautiful Seine running through it, and a thriving gazebo scene, showcasing entertaining concerts throughout the day and night. Theatre, galleries, restaurants and green spaces conspire to make this area one of Paris’ best-kept secrets.

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There’s no shortage of apartments in Courbevoie that can be rented for your holiday. City breaks are so much more enjoyable when your schedule is your own, so holiday rentals are extremely popular for people who want that flexibility. Plus there’s something about Paris that means when you stay in an actual home rather than a hotel, you feel a far deeper connection with the cultural epicentre of Europe. HouseTrip advise you rent one of our Courbevoie apartments close to the subway or train station. That means you can be wandering the highlights of Paris, such as the Louvre, Eiffel Tower or Montmartre within minutes should you wish. Alternatively, if you want to take it easy for a while, simply stroll around Courbevoie’s many pleasant diversions.

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