Makeyour property
work for you
HouseTrip is a free and easy
way to market your property
Easily list and showcase your property or properties
Manage your requests and bookings using our free and easy-to-use tools
Welcome your guests and receive your rental fee from HouseTrip straight away
Why use HouseTrip?

HouseTrip is the smart choice for marketing your holiday rental properties,
whether you have 1, 10 or 1000. Here are a few reasons why...

Make money

Tell us how much you want to receive per night, and we will go get it for you

No exclusivity

You can market your property wherever you like – there are no restrictions

It’s free

It’s totally free to list your property on our site, that’s it - no hidden extra costs

Get results

Promote your property to the millions of HouseTrip visitors each year

Be the one in charge

Choose to accept and reject bookings with one simple click

We’re totally secure

We handle all payments for you using a fraud free system

We’re here to help!

Our dedicated account services team is always available to help and assist

Manage your calendar

We provide free tools for you to keep track of your bookings, availability and pricing

We work hard for you

We invest in making sure your property can be seen and found in search engine result pages

Read what our hosts say...
“HouseTrip was recommended by a friend of mine who said I could make the most out of my empty flat when I was away. Because it’s free to list, I thought I would try. After a few days, I was fully booked for 2 weeks. This helped me pay for my own holiday!”
Fiona – London
“I used to work with various agencies but I now only work with HouseTrip. Listing is free and easy, which is very rare in this industry and I got really good results. After a couple of days my 4 properties got booked up for a month! The whole staff is very helpful and professional. It’s a very promising company and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Fazia – Paris

Want to rent out your place?

Listing is free, safe and easy on HouseTrip.
Just sit back and let the bookings flow in.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to list a property?

Yes. If you are a host, just define the price you want to charge per night, then we will add our flexible commission (typically between 10% and 20%) on top. Your guests will pay the price you want to receive plus our commission.

How do I add a property?

Simply go to the ’Host’ dropdown list at the top of the homepage, and select the correct option.

Can you add my property or do I have to do it myself?

If you have trouble listing your property or if you have a large number of properties you would like to add at the same time, just contact our team at and we will be more than happy to help.

Do you have a mobile app for Hosts?

Yes, 'HouseTrip for Hosts' is our free app that allows Hosts to manage their Enquiries, Bookings, Messages & Calendar on the go. Click here to learn more.

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