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This historic place in southern Italy is the main city on the peninsula of Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy. Also known as The Florence of the South, Lecce is famous for a special, malleable type of limestone called Lecce stone. Many of the buildings, churches and monuments in this ancient, many-times-conquered city of dusty golden baroque are made from this material; lovingly sculpted by master craftsmen over the centuries. The excessive styling of the town’s churches and facades are the legacy of an influx of religious orders in the 16th century, and with their flood of wealth and exuberance they have left Lecce an incredibly interesting city to explore.

From Roman ruins to a throng of churches and religious buildings; Lecce is most certainly a destination designed for exploring Italy’s ancient past. This area has a long-standing affinity with Greek culture, as can be noticed in the local dialect and cuisine. And with hundreds of restaurants specialising in cuisine for the locals, Lecce is most definitely an authentic and delicious culinary journey.

This lively, graceful university town is filled with upmarket boutiques, antique shops and specialist paper mache sculptors, making a walk down any cobbled side street bound to lead you to a new sight, sound or shopping bag. With mild winters and very hot summers, Lecce is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, very popular with scuba divers due to the clarity of the water.

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Best enjoyed by those with an affinity to history, Lecce is a singularly unique location and you will find much to see here that cannot be found anywhere else. Its many churches and cathedrals including The Church of the Holy Cross, Lecce Cathedral and the Church of Santa Chiara offer a divine peek into a distant past. There are many other antiquated sites and sights dappled across town such as museums, palaces, castles, obelisks, medieval towers and Roman amphitheatres; so make sure to research which places you are interested in discovering before you set out.

Situated where it is and with its excellent transport links, Lecce is also a perfect base for exploring the Salento region, such as the nearby towns of Alberobello with its fairy-tale 14th century huts and Metera, a rock-cut settlement and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Renting holiday accommodation in Lecce

If you are interested in a truly authentic experience of Lecce, then your best option for accommodation is to stay in a holiday rental. Being able to live in a burnished Lecce stone house, with of course all modern amenities for your comfort, will allow you to truly live like a local. Whether you prefer a trendy flat in the centre or an entire castle, holiday homes allow you to create a custom-made holiday to perfectly suit your budget, precisely where you want to be.

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Zofia M
Stayed 21 - 28 Jun 2014 in:
We spent 7 nights in this wonderful first floor contemporary appartment in the centre of the historical area of Lecce. It is light and airy and is equipped ... More
Colleen M
Stayed 25 - 29 Apr 2014 in:
We were the first to stay in this apartment after its renovation. It's a lovely spacious apartment in a great location for exploring the old town of Lecce. ... More
Anne Laure
Stayed 5 - 9 Aug 2013 in:
Ideally located in the historic center, perfect for a couple.

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