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Explore Bangkok

The most visited city in the world, the Thai capital of Bangkok is wonderful in its extremes, and no other city on the planet can so perfectly clash with itself. From over-the-top golden roofed wats (that means temples) and gaudy palaces to beautiful green parks and the tranquilly stunning wooden home of Jim Thompson; and world-class, high-end shopping malls to night markets selling antiques, fish and second-hand trousers. Bangkok’s delightful mish-mash shouldn’t work. It should be garish and unappealing. But, perhaps serendipitously, when combined with the distinctive Asian flavour and culture and openness of the Thai people, Bangkok has blended all its elements into a perfect balance and there is always something new and exciting, or old and equally exciting, for its visitors to see.

Renting holiday accommodation in Bangkok

If you’re looking for a better way to explore Bangkok authentically, a holiday rental means living in a local district instead of an overpriced and inflated hotel. One of the best things about Bangkok is its delicious street food. Find a local area away from tourists and you’ll undoubtedly locate a food stall setup for nearby workers, with fresh, delectable food pan-fried in front of you. A meal for two will cost less than the price of a soft drink in Europe. Combine this with the space and luxury of a private home to stretch out in, for less than the price of a hotel room, and you can start to see the benefits of a holiday home in Bangkok.

Where to stay in Bangkok

When browsing through HouseTrip looking for a holiday rental in Bangkok, pay special attention to the amenities and location relative to nearby attractions and areas. Most holiday flats listed in Bangkok are very luxurious, but make sure your flat has air-conditioning. Bangkok is notoriously hot and sticky, especially in April the warmest month. HouseTrip has a range of riverside apartments and slick city centre flats all over Bangkok. And with excellent transport links all through town from its metro, cheap taxis and quintessential tuk-tuks, wherever your house is located it will be very easy to traverse Bangkok.

Bangkok with the family

A trip to Bangkok with your children is something they will never forget. The city is wonderful for kids, and the added exotic from being in Asia adds extra flavour to even standard activities. Make sure to take your kids to the massive Funarium for games and its playground, and Siam Ocean World is one of the most popular days out for local and visiting families, for good reason. Ice skating, bicycle tours, museums, traipsing around the Grand Palace (has to be on your to-do list, no question), VIP cinemas, night markets and exploring Bangkok’s many lush parks; finding things to keep the kids (and you) entertained is very easy to do. Bangkok has cooking schools especially for kids and families, and we highly recommend taking a cooking workshop to expand their culinary horizons. And best of all, take the lesson back to your home away from home and have fun cooking with your kids in the comfort of your very own fully-equipped kitchen.

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