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The French region of Basse-Normandie, or Lower Normandy, was created in 1956 when Normandy was split in two. Lower Normandy is a region steeped in history, not least because of the famous Battle of 1066 and World War Two’s Battle of Normandy in 1944. A predominantly agricultural area Normandy has miles of beautiful green fields to drive or cycle through and although it may not be as hot as the south of France, Basse-Normandie’s beaches have wonderful white sand to walk along. Renting one of HouseTrip’s holiday apartments in Basse-Normandie is the perfect way to explore this rich and relaxing corner of France.

Holiday in Basse-Normandie

A holiday in Basse-Normandie will combine culture and history and if the weather’s good enough, some time on the beach too. One of the most popular spots on the coast is the town of Deauville, which is considered to be the queen of the region’s seaside resorts and is also host to an annual film festival in August and September. Famous for the apple brandy it gives its name to Calvados is one of Basse-Normandie’s regions worth exploring, if not just for the city of Bayeaux, the home of the Bayeaux Tapestry. With famous French writers like Guy du Maupassant and Marcel Proust hailing from Basse-Normandie there are a number of museums celebrating the region’s culture, like the Musée des Beaux-Arts in the region’s capital Caen. One of France’s most photographed sights is also to be found in Basse Normandie; Le Mont-Sant Michel is a small group of fairy-tale castle-like buildings sitting atop a small island, which rises out of the sea at the mouth of the river Couesnon. To taste Basse-Normandie find a restaurant serving the Andouille de Vire pork sausage or baked Camembert, the region’s most famous cheese. Basse-Normandie is full of rows of cider apples so be sure to sip some cider and if you find yourself by the seaside on a sunny day seek out the traditional salted caramel that is popular with children of all ages.

Renting holiday accommodation in Basse-Normandie

Finding self-catering accommodation in Basse-Normandie is a quick, easy and secure process with HouseTrip. Search our collection of hundreds of holiday properties in Basse-Normandie to find the right one for you should that be a charming converted farmhouse in the countryside, a seaside property in Villers-sur-Mer or maybe a modern apartment with private garden in Caen. Once your booking is secured with HouseTrip all you need to do is monitor the weather forecast!


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