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Explore Bremen

The quaint town of Bremen in north Germany is just how you’d expect to see an old German storybook village. With houses that look like they’re made from gingerbread, winding, cobbled lanes to explore and a picturesque location on the banks of the Weser river; Bremen is a fairy-tale place, beloved by children and history buffs. Being over 1200 years old, with many historic buildings like the Bremen Town Hall (a UNESCO heritage site) and Saint Peter’s Cathedral, a relaxing saunter down the Boettcherstrasse or any other area is best spent gazing up at the remarkable facades and detail of the buildings around you. So whether you prefer poking through old-world shops, visiting antique sights, touring the Beck’s Brewery or strolling through a sunlit daydream, Bremen is a great place to let your imagination soar.

Renting holiday accommodation in Bremen

Bremen is a town of old-world houses and confectionary cottages; so why not choose a holiday rental for your trip to Bremen? Rather than going to a samey hotel, with décor and facades that make you feel you could be anywhere in the world at all, stay in someone’s home for a truly authentic take on your destination. As well as the added genuineness of living in someone’s home, a self-catering holiday cottage in Bremen means being able to experience life as a local. Stay in a local community, learn the best things to do in town, or even find out from your Host what locals like to do with their free time.

Where to stay in Bremen

Bremen is a long and narrow town hugging the banks of the Weser river, a picturesque stretch of water well known for the beautiful fauna and flora that call it home. And being so narrow, it’s really easy to walk around its good bits. Whether you choose a riverside holiday apartment or a city centre flat; make sure to spend some time in scenic Osterdeich on the banks of the river, filled with cafes and restaurants (one of the locals’ favourite hangouts) and grassy knolls, very popular with the locals for summer barbecues. Another thing Bremen has in abundance is fantastic parks, always popular with families, so keep your eyes open for Bürgerpark when choosing a location of your holiday rental if you or your kids are partial to paddleboats and mini-golf.

Bremen with the family

Bremen is a very popular destination for German families, as all kids know the Grimm fairy-tale of the Town Musicians of Bremen. There are toys, books and keepsakes available all over town featuring the infamous donkey, dog, cat and rooster, commemorating this fantastic tale. The Bremen Town Hall has a statue of the musicians outside, so make sure to visit it and rub the donkey’s front hooves for luck! Apart from the musicians though, kids love Bremen for its Kluten (traditional sweet with peppermint and chocolate), ice skating and beautiful parks to play in. And a holiday rental means that after a day taking in the sights of sleepy Bremen, your children have some space all of their own to play in while you relax on the couch or prepare an authentic German meal in your kitchen with ingredients from the food market.

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