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Accommodation in Calabria - Travel Guide

Situated in the south of Italy, the Calabria region to the south of Naples is one of the country’s most underappreciated provinces. While not as famous with visitors as Tuscany or Sicily; a trip to the Calabrian region is sure to be a journey into a time when life was ruled by the passage of the sun through azure blue skies. Calabria is a rustic photograph of a simpler, slower pace of life. Italy’s exquisite Deep South is still largely unexplored by all but the most intrepid of Italian trailblazers.

A land of spectacular natural beauty, getting off the beaten track means enjoying some of Italy’s finest coastlines, its eremitic national parks and hermits venturing into the unexplored to find a more pastoral way of life. With sun-baked towns sprouting out of craggy hilltops and the rural lifestyle permeating everything, Calabria is best to explore for those with a green thumb and an affinity to nature. And when you do by chance happen upon a traditional Calabrian hamlet, you will find it to be almost completely tourist-free.

Being surrounded by the Mediterranean on three sides, the climate of Calabria is typical for the north coast: mild, wet winters and long, hot summer days.

Holiday in Calabria

A trip to Calabria is a break from the humdrum of city life, and a snapshot into a bucolic, countrified Italy of old. Calabria is a perfect destination if you are looking to stretch out on pristine beaches and traipse across rolling hills, peaceful meadows and verdant national parks. Calabria has three: Pollino in the north, Sila in the centre and Aspromonte in the south.

Popular with Italian holidaymakers, Calabria’s rustic charm is enriched with hundreds of food and music festivals, especially in the summer. From the Orange Festival in Corigliano Calabro in January, to the Swordfish Festival (in Bagnara) and the Calabrian Folklore Festival (Villagio Mencuso) in the summer months. The list of possible festivals to attend is extensive, so make sure to find out which ones are on when you decide to go; especially if you are a food lover.

Renting holiday accommodation in Calabria

Calabria is a destination perfectly designed for staying in a holiday rental. Fully immerse yourself in the rustic Calabrian way of life, while staying comfortable, by living in an Italian villa on the coast, a cabin in the woods or an apartment in a city centre. And after visiting a local fresh food market and stocking up on peperoncino, nothing beats being able to craft a culinary masterpiece in your very own kitchen.


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