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Explore Cape Coral

Located in the heart of Florida, the town of Cape Coral is a wonderful holiday destination for those who are longing for a relaxing getaway in the sun away from grey skies. Home to a welcoming tranquil community and very child-friendly, visitors will discover an easy-going city full of fabulous waterfront promenades where the Gulf of Mexico rolls its gentle waves against white sandy beaches and luscious jade vegetation. Nature lovers will never tire of exploring Cape Coral’s wondrous marine wildlife, or the countless rural hiking trails around Caloosahatchee National Park. This is a city that takes cuisine seriously, with many markets that sell healthy fresh produce and mouth-watering local specialties that can be found in the numerous bars and restaurants. Attractive family-friendly activities are on offer throughout the town and surrounding area, such as several aquatic and amusement parks that will delight the youngest in the family as well as golf courses and plenty of shopping for you to enjoy.

Renting family accommodation in Cape Coral

Cape Coral is home to a wide range of accommodation. By choosing to stay in a holiday rental for your break in western Florida you have the opportunity to interact with the local community in a way that would be impossible if you were staying in an overpriced and noisy hotel. Renting your own self-catered accommodation is the perfect way to discover the town from those who it best, the local people, and make the most of the delicious gastronomic offer by testing the local cuisine in your very own kitchen.

Where to stay in Cape Coral

Why would you want to join the loud tourist crowds in their cramped hotels when you can experience an authentic holiday? Whether you prefer a modern apartment with a private pool or an enchanting holiday villa with manicured gardens where the kids can roam free on one of the islands, HouseTrip offers a wide selection of idyllic accommodation for families that will suit all your needs and will ensure that you can enjoy the luxury of a home away from home for a fraction of the price. If you are looking for a beach break in particular, consider a villa around Pine Island, whereas a residence on Pelican would be ideal if you prefer busier surroundings.

Cape Coral with the family

Start the day with an invigorating breakfast at one of Cape Coral’s countless waterfront cafes before chartering a boat trip around the many islands from where you can observe some magnificent marine wildlife. If you prefer to stay in town and are not ready to visit the beach, how about taking the little ones to Pirates Treasure for a couple of hours of fun? If you need to escape further inland for a day of peace and quiet, how about playing a few holes at Crown Colony Golf Club where you can enjoy magnificent views. After a busy day out and about, you deserve to put your feet up in your very own lounge and enjoy a friendly chat with your neighbour who will tell you where to find the best local events, such as the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta.


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