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Explore Coimbra

Once the capital of Portugal, Coimbra packs plenty of character; marvel at Romanesque and gothic architecture, take in the sights with a slow-paced riverfront walk, pack a picnic and head to one of the peaceful parks and gardens, while if you’re looking for something more adventurous then enjoy a spot of mountain hiking. Coimbra’s world-famous university is one of the oldest in Europe and attracts students from all around the globe, which mixed with the numerous holidaymakers searching for culture and history, gives it a distinctive, lively charisma. There is also much in the way of music, with traditional ‘fado’ eponymous with the area.

Renting holiday accommodation in Coimbra

Part of the allure of Coimbra is the mix of people, with a unique hodgepodge of travellers, families and students from all over the world making the city their own; it is therefore beneficial to get as involved as possible, and this even boils down to where you stay. So rather than letting a hotel dictate your time in Coimbra, why not rent some self-catering holiday accommodation? HouseTrip has many options for renting accommodation in Coimbra, which are better value for money and offer more freedom than hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Where to stay in Coimbra

HouseTrip is able to offer a wide range of holiday accommodation in this old-school college town. Once your evening of dancing to fado and mingling with the international academic elite has gotten too much for you, stroll along the river or park and make your way make to your trendy city-centre studio apartment, where you can rest your head and do it all again tomorrow. If you enjoy the thrill and buzz of the city but in moderation, how about a larger house in the suburbs of Coimbra, complete with pool and garden? These bigger properties are great for hosting gatherings with extended family and groups of friends, and even your pet dog. Laze by your private pool and cook up some traditional Portuguese barbeque – simply idyllic.

Coimbra with the family

Taking a tour of Universidad de Coimbra is one of the first activities to cross off your list, and it offers an interesting insight into one of Europe’s oldest and most renowned education centres. Be warned though, your kids will come back begging for you to send them to university in this memorable city. If education is high on the agenda, you can take the whole family to the Science Museum, where there is a range of activities and workshops for all ages. To relax after a day of learning, take a tip down the Mondego River and see a whole new side of Coimbra, and then slowly make your way to the botanical gardens and discover true tranquillity.

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