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The Distrito de Beja or Beja District is located in southern Portugal. Highlights of the District include the remains of the Castelo de Beja with excellent views across the Alentejo plains. For outdoor lovers, there are the Fisherman’s trail of Rota Vicentina and eco hiking trails in Odemira. Prepare to be amazed at the spectacular Pulo do Lobo magnificent gorge and waterfall, or simply relax and unwind on the beach at Praia do Malhao, Vila Nova de Milfontes. Beja’s former Franciscan Convent is a wonderful museum with fine Gothic architecture, and there is also a beautiful Natural Park near Mertola.

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When deciding on accommodation in Distrito de Beja, villas, apartments and other self-catering holiday rentals make far superior alternatives to expensive and impersonal hotels. By booking Distrito de Beja apartments, you can save money and enjoy fantastic space, freedom and privacy. HouseTrip’s apartments in Distrito de Beja offer modern studios in a renovated windmill, traditional cottages and beautiful country villas with a terrace or balcony to enjoy the sunset from, overlooking your own private pool. Holiday homes are large enough to provide numerous places to escape should you choose, and are all within close proximity of local amenities. Take a look at now and you will be sure to find your dream holiday home.

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