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Distrito de Santarém is located the heart of Portugal, close to Lisbon and covering a vast area of this wonderful country. When you come to Portugal you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine and Distrito de Santarém is no different. Depending on where you’re staying you’ll love heading for the beaches to spend a day or two lapping up the sun. Make sure you spend some time checking out Santarém itself to see what’s on offer in the district’s capital city and explore places like Fatima, Almeirim and Tomar to get a taste of traditional Portuguese life (and food!) during your stay.

Renting holiday apartments in Distrito de Santarém

Rent apartments in Distrito de Santarém on your trip to Portugal to enjoy a level of freedom and privacy that you just can’t get in hotels. There’s no need to get up early for breakfast or get in early for dinner as your self-catering accommodation comes with kitchen facilities, which allows you to eat when you like. You’ll also have an outdoor area with Distrito de Santarém apartments so you might like to enjoy a little al fresco dining during your stay. As these holiday rentals from HouseTrip are among the local communities you will also be able to stay in more traditional holiday accommodation on your break in Distrito de Santarém.

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