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Friedrichshain, formerly in East Berlin, has recently become one of the city's most fashionable and dynamically developing areas. It is still undergoing a rapid process of gentrification as media types (including MTV Europe) move in, updating the studenty, counter-cultural feel that has been traditionally associated with Friedrichshain. As well as featuring striking boulevards constructed in the Soviet era, Friedrichshain has the large Volkspark on its northern edge; the park created commemorating Frederick the Great from which the district gets its name. Rather like London's Shoreditch, this is a vibrant area with a pub and club scene that trendsetters from all over Berlin are drawn to.

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Day or night, the bars, clubs and pubs around Simon-Dach-Straße and Boxhagener Platz are hugely popular with the Friedrichshain residents. They vary in price, but none can be accused of being unfashionable. On a sunny day, head over to the Volkspark (people's park) and enjoy the green space. As well as offering relaxation, the Volkspark has two unique features: the Märchenbrunnen (fairytale fountain) and the ruins of two World War II flak towers. Reminders of Friedrichshain's history are never far away, the East Side art gallery is even constructed around one of the few remaining parts of the Berlin Wall. Before the re-unification, Friedrichshain was substantially re-built by the Soviet authorities, stroll along the streets gazing at this characteristic architecture. The main thoroughfare is a grand, Soviet construction; you can walk all the way along from the West, by the Volkspark, where it is called Karl-Marx Allee through to the edges of the Tierpark on the eastern edge of the district, where the road is re-named Frankfurter Allee. Or save your legs and take the U-Bahn.

Renting holiday accommodation in Friedrichshain

Despite the area's status as the choice of the in-crowd, it's still pretty easy to take your pick from a number of spacious apartments in Friedrichshain at relatively reasonable rates. The cheapest part is around Rigaer Straße, where some squats, hangovers from the old hippy days, still remain. If money is no object, then you can also find luxurious accommodation in Friedrichshain, many places with balconies and kitted out with plush, designer interiors - giving you a flavour of why Germany's most fashion-conscious types are moving here in droves. Friedrichshain is a fascinating district of Berlin, come here before it goes out of fashion...take the first step by searching through our range of self-catering holiday properties and discover Berlin, one of Europe's greatest cities, by city-living Friedrichshain-style.


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