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Explore Guimarães

Guimarães plays a very special part in Portuguese history, one where in the 12th century the country’s national identity began to develop. Today, the town enjoys World Heritage Town Site Status and you’ll see exactly why when you go there. Guimarães is a shining example of how a town has evolved from medieval times to the modern day, one that shows a development of architecture through the ages; in short, it’s beautiful! Stroll around Guimarães and you’ll be suitably impressed by the stunning red roofed buildings, beautiful palaces and impressive mansions. You’ll also want to check out the restaurant and café scene, as well as visiting attractions like Guimarães Castle, the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança and the Chapel of San Miguel.

Renting holiday apartments in Guimarães

Don’t bother splashing out on an expensive hotel when you can stay in a traditional Portuguese home with apartments in Guimarães. HouseTrip has a range of Guimarães apartments available, all of which give you plenty of privacy, as well as the freedom to come and go as you please. You’ll have a kitchen area to prepare food in and a private living space to chill out in. With all this privacy and flexibility you can see why Guimarães apartments are perfect for your stay in Portugal.

Where to stay in Guimarães

You have a good selection of holiday rentals to consider for your trip to Portugal, all of which are either right in the heart of Guimarães or within easy reach of it. You could stay in the hub of Guimarães and have all of the town’s amenities close by, allowing you to stroll to shops, cafés and bars. You could also stay in the historic centre and get a real feel for the evolution of this fabulous city. Stay a little further out in one of the classy villas in Guimarães and you can expect to enjoy a peaceful time. With the selection of holiday accommodation on offer from HouseTrip you will find it easy to find something that suits your needs and budget.

Guimarães with the family

Guimarães is a beautiful town that makes for a great family holiday. Take the kids on a stroll through the town centre to see all of the stunning buildings and to get a taste for life in Portugal. Go to the museums so they can learn a little more and then head for lunch and an ice cream in a café. On another day you can really up the fun levels by making the short trip to Natur Water Park or Magikland Theme Park. However you choose to spend your days in and around Guimarães, you can end it back at the family rental with a nice home-cooked meal in the evening.

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