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One the jewels of South-East Asia, Indonesia is a delightful and unique country, which offers much to lure holidaymakers of all ages. Indonesia is the world’s fourth biggest country in terms of people and islands, with a population of over 235 million and approximately 17,508 islands, which means that it is incredibly diverse, with different areas of the country offering completely varied attractions, cultures and customs. There is so much to do and see in Indonesia, from cruises and diving the reef in Bali, trekking Gunung Leuser National Park and partaking in some (hot) Bikram Yoga, to surfing in Kuta, dolphin watching in Lovina and of course sampling some of the world-famous cuisine, including Nasi goring and satay.

Renting holiday apartments in Indonesia

A holiday in Indonesia is all about getting out and about and exploring; therefore, when renting holiday accommodation in Indonesia it is certainly worth considering booking a self-catering property with HouseTrip. Not only will you be able to do things on your own schedule and at your own pace, but you can also escape the crowds of tourists at youth hostels and hotels, as well as saving some decent money in the process. Browse the range of HouseTrip’s Indonesia apartments today and find your perfect place.

Where to stay in Indonesia

Bali is the most famous and most visited destination in the whole of Indonesia, and where your holiday is very likely to take you. A holiday in this mostly-Hindu part of the country offers much in the way of art, dance, music and performance, together with its glorious beach, such as those found in Kuta, and its booming cities, like capital of Bali, Denpasar. Whether you are wanting to enjoy a more relaxed, seaside holiday in the likes of Kuta, or you fancy being in the thick of it in a larger city (although there are still beaches) in Denspasar, or you perhaps fancy trying somewhere different altogether, there are a number of choices with HouseTrip’s holiday rentals in Indonesia.

Indonesia with the family

There is so much to get involved in with your family in Indonesia, whatever the age of your kids. If you are an outdoorsy lot then consider getting involved in some canyoning in Bali or surfing on the Kuta beaches. Another option for those who are particularly daring is to go deep-sea diving. If you are looking to take things slightly slower then there are many different temples and historical monuments that should be on any agenda, including Pura Taman Ayun and the Tirtha Empul Temple, with its famous holy waters. Because Indonesia is made up of so many different islands, getting a cruise is a must-do trip while in the country.


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