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Accommodation in Istanbul - Travel Guide

Where to stay in Istanbul

When searching for accommodations in Istanbul, holiday apartments are a fantastic, cost-effective option. HouseTrip offers a number of quality self-catering villas and short-stay holiday apartments in Istanbul, spread across the city's many districts. Many of the holiday apartments in Istanbul offer fabulous views of the Bosporus and provide an opportunity to really experience the city like the Istanbul locals do. What's more, you can conveniently and securely book our holiday apartments and holiday cottages in Istanbul in as few as six clicks. We have a wide range of holiday apartments in Istanbul, so no matter what you need to be comfortable, your holiday rental will feel like a home away from home.

When to go to Istanbul

The best time to book holiday apartments in Istanbul is in April, May, September and October due to the lovely, mild temperatures in spring and autumn. Summers can be very hot in Istanbul - the locals even flee to the coast - and the winters can include biting winds and snow. That being said, even in summer and winter Istanbul is a thriving, vibrant city, and booking holiday apartments in Istanbul during the off-peak seasons means better deals. No matter when you decide to book one of our holiday apartments in Istanbul, our affordable rates leave more money in your pocket for your holiday.

Getting to and around Istanbul

Most tourists arrive in Istanbul by plane, with flights arriving at Atatürk International Airport and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Once in Istanbul, visitors are likely to spend the bulk of their time in Beyo?lu and Sultanahmet, which are best explored on foot. Accordingly, we offer a variety of Istanbul holiday apartments in these areas. Outside of these parts of Istanbul, public transport options include bus, ferry, seabus and metro. Consider buying an Akbil travel pass, which entitles the bearer to a 10% discount on fares and may be used on all public transport except dolmu? (shared taxis) and minibuses. This is an excellent option for those who book Istanbul holiday apartments in the suburbs.

Discover Istanbul

With one foot in Asia and the other in Europe, one arm in the past and another very firmly in the future, Istanbul is a city of contrasts. Today, modern treasures appeal as much as historic monuments, offering tourists with holiday apartments in Istanbul an almost endless range of things to do. One of the most notable sites in Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia, a building with a lot of history. It has been a church and a mosque and is one grandest architectural feats around the globe. Any trip to Hagia Sophia should include a trip up the spiral ramp so you can take in the beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Another must see for those who book holiday villas in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace. This palace was the residence of sultans for almost 50 years and is an architectural work of art. The palace includes the Haram, where the sultans' wives lived, as well as the treasury containing the crown jewels and a weapon's room where visitors can see examples of fine craftsmanship.

Once you have had your fill of the sites on land, take a ferry around the Bosporus. The shores of the European and Asian coasts of Istanbul are full of historic palaces and homes, and the view of the city from the water is simply unforgettable. The length of the cruise varies depending on the company, so you can spend as little or as much time out on the water as your schedule allows.

A city of culture and tradition

Smoking a hookah pipe has long been a custom in Istanbul, and sharing a pipe in a café is a great way to get to know the locals. Of course, renting holiday apartments in Istanbul means you can also enjoy the hookah experience like a local in the comfort of your own holiday home. Once you've had your fill, be sure to head to a hamam for an invigorating and traditional scrub and massage. When hunger strikes, fill up on incredible doner kebabs and mezes, or perhaps secure a table with a view at a rooftop restaurant or bar. If you choose one of our self-catering Istanbul holiday cottages or holiday apartments, you can also take full advantage of local delights like the Kad?köy market, Turkey's biggest food market and home to an immense range of produce.

No matter what brings you to Istanbul, holiday apartments are an ideal solution for those who want to feel at home while on holiday. The variety of holiday apartments in Istanbul means there is something for everyone, from couples enjoying a romantic getaway to families spending holidays together. Book now and discover everything this magical city has to offer!

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