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The second largest state of Germany, situated in the north west of the country is a land of natural beauty and cosmopolitan bustle. Most of Lower Saxony has been put aside for agriculture. This region offers incredibly diverse landscapes; from the coast of the North Sea with coastal towns and attractions to the inland beauty of the Saxon sauna and flora and buzzing metropolises such as Hanover and Brunswick. Whether you’re interested in a city break, a rural holiday with the family or exploring some of the most beautiful forests and natural regions Germany has to offer, you’re sure to find your perfect break in Lower Saxony. Its cities are exciting, the locals friendly and warm, and the stretches of Saxon farmland are incredibly scenic.

Renting holiday accommodation in Lower Saxony

When exploring a region as vast and varied as Lower Saxony, the best way to really make the most of the experience is by staying in a holiday rental. Apart from all the benefits of a self-catering holiday home (such as your own kitchen, space to stretch out, and an entire home for the price of a hotel room), choosing an apartment with HouseTrip means living in a local community, away from all the tourists, or on a remote farmstead surrounded by nothing but open fields, distant trees and fresh air.

Where to stay in Lower Saxony

If you choose to holiday in Lower Saxony, make sure to explore as much of this stunning region as you can. Make sure to get the special ‘Niedersachsen Ticket’, which allows unlimited travel on most trains throughout all of Lower Saxony. Start the day in Hanover with eggs and sausages at a quaint café, then hop on a train to picturesque Norden on the coast or take the kids to the Bremen Town Hall to rub the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians; then be back in time for a night at a wonderful restaurant with sparkling wine and delicious Grünkohlessen.

Lower Saxony with the family

For many reasons, kids love Lower Saxony. As well they should. Some of the most popular family breaks in Lower Saxony involve the beach on the north coast or one of the teeny Saxon islands, a family cycling vacation or staying on a working farm. Lower Saxony is also jam packed with theme parks, zoos, museums and it even has a safari park! So if your kids want an active break (or you just want to tire them out and relax!) or a more chilled out and playful stay by the beach or one of the colourful, blossoming parks and gardens to be found throughout the area, Lower Saxony is a favourite destination for German families for good reason. To make the most of a Saxon stay with children, turn your accommodation into part of the experience by staying in a unique, authentic, fun and as big as you want it holiday home.

Popular cities in Lower Saxony


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