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The region of Lombardy in northern Italy is rich with history, industry, stunning landscapes and many perfect places to take a holiday. Holiday apartments in Lombardy can be rented to explore the hustle and bustle of Milan or to fully escape in one of the many picturesque lakeside towns that look out over the luxurious calm of Lakes Maggiore, Como and Garda. One of Italy’s most northern regions, Lombardy has a section of the Italian Alps to offer fans of snow sports a winter’s skiing retreat and don’t overlook what Lombardy’s other big cities like Bergamo and Brescia have to offer.

Holiday in Lombardy

Lombardy is a very diverse region of Italy with lakes, mountains and plush green plains making up its landscape, thus it is very popular with different type of tourists. It is also the home of Italy’s second-city and financial centre, Milan, where so many successful Italian brands originate, like Alfa-Romeo and Prada. Milan is also the birthplace of numerous Italian fashion houses so be sure to spend a few hours day-dreaming and window-shopping along Via Monte Napoleone. Away from Milan’s metropolis, you can find peace and quiet at any of the beautiful lakes that keep so many celebrities happy on their holidays. Alternatively stay in one of the many remote, luxurious villas in Lombardy from which you can hire a car and explore Lombardy’s richly green and diverse countryside. As for the food and drink on offer in Lombardy, the region actually supplies 80% of Italy’s wine so you’ll be sure to find something to wash down a plate of osso bucco (veal) or risotto alla Milanese and see if you can find some Torrone di Cremona, a local type of nougat.

Renting holiday accommodation in Lombardy

Short-term rental accommodation options in Lombardy are as diverse as the area they allow you to explore. With lakeside villas on Lake Como, stylish city apartments in Milan and beautiful country villas, accommodation in Lombardy is affordable and very easy to organize through HouseTrip. We currently offer a range of properties of different styles and sizes to suit couples or families for a weekend break or longer. HouseTrip’s, houses and villas in Lombardy can be booked securely in a small number of clicks, meaning all you need to do is start planning which wines you want to try or which of Lombardy’s beautiful lakes you want to take a cruise on.


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