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Holiday Accommodation in Marrakech

Where to stay in Marrakech

Riads are the best option for holiday apartments in Marrakech. Built around a courtyard, these traditional houses allow you to save money whilst getting a true taste of Moroccan life. HouseTrip has a number of quality apartments in Marrakech, offering affordable accommodations for couples, families and friends alike. We also offer a variety of holiday villas in Marrakech for larger groups looking for more space, and those who want a bit more privacy and seclusion will find a nice selection of holiday cottages in Marrakech. No matter what sort of accommodations you are looking for, holiday apartments in Marrakech are the ideal place to call home during your stay in Morocco.

When to go to Marrakech

The best times to book holiday apartments in Marrakech are spring, autumn and winter, when the weather is relatively mild. These seasons are particularly good times to book holiday apartments in Marrakech if hotter temperatures are not your cup of tea, as temperatures in summer can reach over 40°C. However, if you enjoy the heat, holiday apartments in Marrakech booked during the summer months give you great access to the beaches of Marrakech. No matter what time of year you decide to visit, holiday apartments in Marrakech are a great alternative to more expensive hotels that come with the added benefit of a more personal experience in your own home away from home.

Getting to and around Marrakech

Flights to Marrakech arrive at Menara Airport, located 6km from the Medina. If this is your first time visiting the city, we recommend arranging an airport transfer once you have booked one of our holiday apartments in Marrakech. The transfer generally costs 150-200 dihrams, and this prevents you from getting lost. Once you have checked into one of our holiday apartments in Marrakech, take advantage of the fact that the Medina is largely closed to traffic and enjoy the city on foot. If you do need to drive somewhere, make use of the many taxis throughout this exciting city in Morocco.

Discover Marrakech

Lying at the feet of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech conjures images of stall-lined alleyways, twirling belly dancers and mounds of spices-and that is exactly what you get when you book one of our holiday apartments in Marrakech. Once you have explored the majesty of the Medina, head to the modern districts of Geliz or Ville Nouvelle, where you will find well-known stores, modern restaurants and even fast food chains.

Something to do, day and night

By day, tourists with holiday apartments in Marrakech head to Place Djemaa El-Fna to have their hands tattooed with henna and watch on as charmers mesmerise snakes or visit the adjacent souks to buy everything from shoes and kaftans to tagines. The souks are also great places to visit if you are staying in holiday apartments in Marrakech, as you can visit the souks to buy the ingredients you need to make an excellent local dish in the comfort of your own home.

At night, Djemaa El-Fna is transformed into a magical place of music, dancers and storytellers jostling for space alongside rows of food stalls in white tents. Here you will find the ubiquitous tajine and couscous, as well as other fascinating options such as lamb head. Whatever you decide to eat, be sure to wash it down with the lovely local tea or orange juice.

Fun and relaxation

For the ultimate in relaxation during your stay in one of our holiday apartments in Marrakech, take a trip to the Majorelle Gardens, which offer a welcome respite from the city's hustle and bustle. The more adventurous might want to visit the tanneries to witness the process of tanning and drying skin for leather. Afterwards, scrub off the interesting smell of the experience with a trip to a hammam, where your traditional scrub will be followed up with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage.

Many people who rent holiday apartments in Marrakech come to enjoy the Moroccan sun and relax on the sandy beaches. We also offer holiday apartments in Marrakech directly on the beach or within walking distance so that those who look forward to reading on the beach or swimming in the water can get to where they need to go in no time at all. No matter what brings you to Marrakech, staying in holiday apartments in Marrakech is an excellent option for families, friends and couples alike. Have a look at our holiday apartments in Marrakech and book the right one for you in as few as six clicks!


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