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Explore Oia

Situated across the islands of Santorini and Therasia, Oia gives tourists a genuine taste of Greece at its finest. One of the main draws for staying in Oia is its bewitching sunsets, which are arguably the best across the country, if not the world. Tourists and locals alike share this part of the day, flocking to the area around the castle and watching the sun dip into the Aegean Sea. The Oia sunset is a perfect time of the day to unwind after sightseeing or hiking, so a few Mythos beers or a decadent picnic of local delicacies is a must while you lap it up.

Renting holiday accommodation in Oia

Often when people are looking to book a holiday they do not think beyond a hotel or bed and breakfast when it comes to accommodation. This does not have to be the case though as there are much more cost-effective and authentic options out there, including HouseTrip’s holiday accommodation in Oia. When renting a self-catering villa or apartment in Oia, you are granted much more freedom to come and go as you wish, as well as being able to use facilities like a washing machine and kitchen.

Where to stay in Oia

Greece is famous for its food and you can sample many of the traditional Greek staples and local delicacies across Oia’s thriving restaurant scene. Popular dishes include local white aubergines slowly cooked with tomatoes and lashing of Greek olive oil, while spanakopita filo pastry parcels are filled with feta cheese and spinach. After finishing things off with a customary ouzo, you can stroll back to your own central Oia apartment. If you are travelling in a larger group then make the most of your villa by cooking up some local lamb on the barbeque, serve with mint and vine leaves – be warned though, the smells will mean that your neighbours will be asking if you have any leftovers. HouseTrip offers an array of Oia accommodation to cater for your culinary needs.

Oia with the family

If you are looking to get away from the crowds of tourists that flock to the western side of the island around the castle in the hours preceding sunset, take a cruise from Santorini from docks that are reportedly the oldest in the world and feel inspired as your boat follows the sunset for an extended viewing period. After acclimatising to life on Oia, take a boat trip and island hop, visiting Los and Anafi amongst others. If you are looking for something culturally enriching for the kids after day sunbathing and gorging, you should consider a visit to the Naval Maritime Museum, which offers much in the way of local history.

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