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Head to the southern most tip of Central America and you will find Panama - a beautiful republic full of diverse, lush wildlife, rich culture and mesmerising coasts. Whilst its other neighbours are drenched with tourist resorts and generic beach towns, Panama is still a secret jewel waiting to be discovered. There is still plenty to do and see, but this country has retained all of its charm and unique glory and the unbelievably beautiful examples of nature that its land beholds are preserved. The Panama canal is perhaps the most famous feature of the landscape and is definitely something you must witness first hand before you leave.

Renting holiday accommodation in Panama

Panama is so particularly special because it is so untouched by tourism in comparison to other nations in the region. Whilst there are hotels in slightly more generic tourist areas, you really can’t experience the real Panama unless you experience it like a local and there’s no better way to achieve this than by staying in a holiday rental from HouseTrip. Especially when Panama has such a diverse landscape and just so many sights to take in, you owe yourself as much freedom as possible to explore it with and hotels with their timetables and rules and regulations just doesn’t give you this luxury. Take a look at our gorgeous Panama apartments and villas and book with HouseTrip today!

Where to stay in Panama

One of the most unique things about Panama is that it has so many different landscapes all in one nation. If you want to relax with sand and blue seas, then take a look at staying in a charming beach apartment in Panama’s beautiful coastal villages such as Sueno Mar where you can sunbathe and still be surrounded by amazing, diverse nature. If you want to get a feel for the beating heart of the country, then head to Panama City and stay in an urban apartment which is the perfect base for experiencing the Central American metropolis. Keen hikers should consider a rustic Panama cottage near one of the country’s volcano regions where you can really immerse yourself in nature and get close to the geographical masterpieces.

Panama with the family

Panama has so much to do and see that your kids will never be bored here. Take a day trip to the Panama Canal and visit one of the crossing points. Alternatively, the Miraflores Locks Museum is a perfect place to get to know more about the canal and experience it if you’ve got slightly younger children. Elsewhere, the biodiverse waters of Panama are ideal spots for scuba-diving and snorkeling. You can also visit national parks, go horse riding and even go on a zip line over one of the country’s canopies.

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