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The town of Potsdam, a short journey south of Berlin on the banks of the Havel River, is unlike anywhere else in Germany. Its unique legacy as the seat of Prussian court and royalty has lent the entire town an air of stateliness and regalness that the years have done nothing to wear away. Nowadays the capital of the province of Brandenburg, this riverside town is famous with visitors across the world for the historical and cultural significance of its many parks and palaces. In fact the entire town is a popular tourist attraction, and has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.

A trip to Potsdam is perfect for taking a special somebody who is interested in experiencing somewhere romantic and completely unique.

Explore Potsdam

The main attraction of a visit to the university town is without a doubt traipsing around Sanssouci Park, with its cascading terraces, royal castles and romantic ruins. This park is massive in scope and with so many nooks, crannies and hidey holes to explore you can easily imagine yourself in a fairy-tale setting of horse-drawn carriages and glass slippers.

The Old Market square of Potsdam is the main shopping district, where you can explore all the local curios, delicacies and fashions all while under the looming presence of St. Nicholas’ Church. Once your appetite for shopping has been sated, try taking a cycling tour of the city and explore the different districts such as the Russian colony, the Weavers’ Quarter or the Dutch Quarter, each with their own diverse architecture leaving a distinct impression.

Once you have climbed up to Babelsburg Park and gazed out over the city, it’s time to visit Studio Babelsburg and learn about the rich cinematic history of the town. Many hundreds of notable films have been shot here, from Metropolis in 1927 to the Bourne Supremacy and V for Vendetta. Afterwards, explore any of the 20 picturesque lakes in and around the town of Potsdam and imagine what it must have felt like to be Prussian gentry doing the same shaded underneath a parasol with a luxurious picnic.

Renting holiday accommodation in Potsdam

A trip to Potsdam is a trip into a world of bygone gentility with a scent of lavishness. Even if its neighbourhoods reek of bygone ostentatiousness, renting your very own holiday apartment is a very worthwhile and affordable way to holiday. After a day of exploring the beautiful parks, lakes and palaces of this storybook land, what better way to end the day than curled up on your own couch and cooking a feast of local delicacies in the kitchen? You can even put a less majestic load of washing on.

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