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The region of Italy where the city of Venice is to be found should need no introduction, however, the Regione del Veneto is more than just one city, no matter how special that city is. While Venice regularly pulls in the tourists with its maze of canals, which need to be seen to be believed, the rest of Veneto has other culturally rich and beautiful cities like Vicenza and Verona. Renting one of HouseTrip’s holiday apartments in Veneto gives you access to breathtaking beaches or a boat cruise on one of Italy’s most famous lakes, Lake Garda.

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Visit Verona to see why Shakespeare felt so inspired to set one of his most famous plays there and marvel at the impressive Roman arena which still shows live music from opera to chart-topping acts like Coldplay. In Vicenza you can see why it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1994, thanks mainly to the work of famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio who made his mark on numerous buildings throughout the city including the grand Palladio Basilica. Though Lake Garda has much to offer and is a regular holiday spot for many celebrities, there are a handful of other lakes in Veneto worth visiting like Lake of Santa Croce which is towered over by the Dolomiti Alps and Alleghe Lake which is small enough to do a walking tour around taking in the pretty waterfall of Ru de Rialt. If you find yourself on a gondola on one of Venice’s Canaletto’s be sure to find out where you can eat some cicchetti (a seafood based starter), scampi alla busara (spicy tomato prawns) and look out for the distinctively purple coloured artichokes, known as castraure, grown in the fields of Veneto. Local wines to try include the Valpolicella or to accompany the seafood try a glass of Prosecco di Conegliano.

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HouseTrip makes finding holiday accommodation in Regione del Veneto quick, easy and secure. Search our listings of self-catering rental properties to find the perfect place for you to stay in the city centres of Venice, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza or Verona. Or alternatively find a typical Italian villa in the quiet Venetian countryside from which you can admire perfect panoramas and stunning sunrises. Your holiday in Veneto can be booked in a matter of minutes with HouseTrip so find your perfect home from home today.


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