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Accommodation in Apulia - Travel Guide

Famous for forming the heel in Italy’s boot, the Apulia (italian Puglia) region is popular for its food and drink– namely olive oil, pasta, seafood and wine –, many beaches along its extensive coastline, peacefulness due to a lack of tourism and influences from neighbouring Greece and Albania. Elaborate architecture and countless churches fill the towns, with ever-pretty Bari acting as the region’s major city. There are a wide range of Apulia apartments on offer with, many of which are cheaper than your average hotel. also provides many bargain self-catering houses, converted barns, villas and much more.

Experience Apulia like a local

Barely anybody speaks the English language in Apulia, which can be a refreshing change, although it is advised that you therefore at least swat up on the basics. Gastronomic delights are waiting around every corner in Apulia, with raw seafood a local delicacy. Given the vast coastline, you can only imagine how fresh the seafood is here. Sashimi with an Italian twist, anyone? Most parts of the region cater to your culinary expectations, but Bari boasts some of the most respected restaurants, as well as much in the way of self-catering accommodation. Seaside town Vieste is one of the region’s most popular tourist centres, offering much in the way of food, sunshine and culture. The most striking part of the city is the 25m-high monolith known as Pizzomunno, which stands next to the Spiaggia del Castello, a beach castle. Ostuni offers a quieter seaside option, with unspoilt beaches and celebrated olives and grapes. If you are looking at self-catering Villas in Apulia then a seaside location in Vieste or Ostuni could be ideal.

Renting holiday accommodation in Apulia

Apartments in Apulia and other self-catering property to rent in the region through come in all shapes and sizes, from beach-side villas and city-centre apartments, to countryside cottages and much more, and often they are cheaper than hotels. One of the key reasons to visit Apulia is to explore and by renting somewhere that is self-catering, you can make your stay as independent and untied down as it deserves to be. As well as your property, you can rent bicycles or a car to fully see this hidden Italian haven in all of its majestic charm.


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