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Explore Silesian Voivodeship

Sandwiched between magnificent strips of greenery to the north and south, the Polish slice of Silesia, better known as the Silesian Voivodeship, is chock-full of churches, monasteries and ruins; heavily scented by its parks and palaces; drizzled with scenic rivers and lakes; and all fused with a delicious combination of old-world charm and a rapidly developing avant-garde culture. Cheap and easy to reach, the beautiful south-west corner of Poland contains a wide variety of natural environments, exciting cities and cultural sites to explore. Travel by underground boat raft through the Black Trout Adit, visit the urban Katowice (capital of the region), or visit Tychy and the Museum of Brewing. Make sure to stop at Czestochowa to see the Black Madonna, one of Poland’s cultural treasures. Hike up the Beskidy Mountains for the best skiing in Poland during the colder months, or picturesque hiking trails in summer.

Renting holiday accommodation in Silesian Voivodeship

For an authentic way to visit this rugged yet urban place, the best thing to do is stay in a HouseTrip holiday property. Living in a local neighbourhood completely opens up your options, introducing you to things you can never see in a touristy hotel such as local markets, the restaurants your neighbours go to, and the best parks to visit. And nothing beats being able to return to your own space at the end of the day, put up your feet and relax with a glass of surprisingly good Polish wine or Zubrowka and apple juice. Make sure to make full use of your fully fitted kitchen to prepare some of the local delicacies you’ve learned skirting the lakes or traipsing down busy shopping streets.

Where to stay in Silesian Voivodeship

Choosing a place to stay in Silesian Voivodeship completely depends on what type of holiday you are looking for. If you would like to learn more about local folk traditions, you should stay close to Zywiec or Wisla. If you are looking to explore ancient ruins, cathedrals and magnificent churches and palaces, Silesia is rife with them and you can find a nearby attraction anywhere in the region. A HouseTrip holiday apartment will allow you to tailor exactly where you want to stay, while finding a place that perfectly suits your budget.

Silesian Voivodeship with the family

Visiting any of the areas lakes or forests will be an amazing holiday for your kids. For watersports, we recommend a lakeside holiday perhaps near Kostkowice Lake (the area has many lakes to choose from however). The Odra River meanders through the region, and being by the river is both relaxing and beautiful for grown-ups, while providing lots of places to play for the kids. As mentioned the region is rich in cultural sights, such as museums, archaeological sites and natural wonders to explore. A walking holiday is best enjoyed in the green belts to the north and south, providing many trails or varying difficulty underneath leaf-speckled canopies. And at the end of a long day exploring, unlock the door and step through into your holiday rental, let your children spread out and play in the lounge while you relax on the terrace, watching the sun set over this amazing corner of Silesia.


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