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Explore Tel Aviv

This busy Israeli seaside town is best known as the country’s party capital. Home to fabulous promenades, impressive beaches and bustling nightlife, Tel Aviv is anything but dull. The town is full of life, with friendly locals, excellent restaurants and great activities for the whole family. The beaches are plentiful, with fine golden sand washed by gentle azure waves and magnificent marine wildlife that can be explored during a sailing trip. Those who prefer inland activities will find plenty of cultural pursuits to indulge on, such as admiring typical Bauhaus architecture and museum, craft fairs ideal to enjoy as a family and charming boulevards in Jaffa’s old town. The weather is warm all year round, with hot, dry summers and mild winters, making Tel Aviv a fantastic destination to explore any time of the year.

Renting holiday accommodation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to a wide range of holiday accommodation to suit all tastes. Renting a holiday villa or apartment will allow you to interact with the friendly local community and give you access to the best source of information that you won’t find in any travel guide: the local people. Despite Tel Aviv’s reputation as a party place, the city is full of family-friendly areas and activities that are simply begging to be explored. Only the locals will be able to recommend the best hidden coves along the coast or the quietest plazas and gardens away from the busy crowds where you can enjoy Tel Aviv’s unsurpassed beauty as a family.

Where to stay in Tel Aviv

Can you imagine being able to enjoy a quaint apartment in the old quarter or a large luxury penthouse with a private terrace right by the beach for the price of a bland hotel room? Tel Aviv’s wide range of accommodation is ideal to ensure that your family holiday becomes an unforgettable experience. A holiday rental with HouseTrip will ensure that you have the opportunity to meet your neighbours who will tell you where you can find the best restaurants in town away from the tourist crowds as you share a chilled bottle of wine with them after a busy day exploring the city. If there was ever a place in Israel where it is worth keeping away from the hordes of tourists, Tel Aviv is the one.

Tel Aviv with the family

You can start your visit to Tel Aviv by strolling along the beautiful Jaffa promenade and enjoying a refreshing dip in warm Mediterranean waters. If the kids ever get tired of the beach, they will appreciate a visit to one of the many amusements parks to be found nearby such as Luna Park or Meimadyon Water Park. If you ever tire of Tel Aviv, just remember that magnificent Jerusalem and the Dead Sea are only a short drive away. Are you ready to visit Tel Aviv with the family? Booking a home away from home in Israel with HouseTrip is the ideal way to enjoy a wonderfully authentic holiday.

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