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Explore Warsaw

The capital of Poland for over 400 years, Warsaw is a forward-thinking city cloaked in history. One of the most devastated cities during the Second World War, the great majority of Warsaw’s historical buildings are actually the result of the phoenix like post-war recovery efforts, which saw it rise proudly from the rubble to remain Poland’s number one city. Though much of the architecture is reminiscent of Poland’s communist past like the Palace of Kultur, there are spots of colour and intrigue particularly in the Old Town’s Marketplace that was rebuilt in the original Gothic and Renaissance styles. You can learn more about this fascinating history and more while staying in one of HouseTrip’s many holiday apartments in Warsaw.

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With the Old Town being a compact maze of streets it’s easy to walk around central Warsaw to see the key sights, like the bell tower at the Palace of Kultur, Warsaw’s tallest building. Though most of the oldest buildings were rebuilt following the war, they are still full of charm. Important history lessons can be learnt in the Old Jewish Ghetto and Ul Pró?na, a street left partially in ruins to serve as an insight into how bad the war’s destruction was in Warsaw. Warsaw is now home to a growing expat community and like many other European cities has a wide range of restaurants serving up international cuisine. There is, however, a definite nod to the city’s communist past in the form of “milk bars”. Called bar mleczny in Polish, these working class coffee shops serving cheap and basic refreshments have remained popular despite the city becoming otherwise very Westernized. For a more upbeat Polish café experience seek out Café Bilke, which serves doughnuts good enough for the locals to queue up for. Although lacking in the historic beauty of the Old Town, locals like to live or flock to Praga across the Vistuala river to the east, where artists and creative industries are turning this poor area in to an up and coming place to see and to be seen.

Renting holiday accommodation in Warsaw

Short term rental accommodation in Warsaw is very affordable and is the perfect way to live like a local in Warsaw. From sunny, modern apartments based in the Old Town to comfortable family homes in surrounding central areas, HouseTrip has a wide range of holiday apartments for you to search today. You could find your perfect base for a city break in Warsaw in just six clicks.

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