We loved it here. We needed a break where we did not do our usual sightseeing, museums and activities. This was perfect. Kolocep is a small, car free island outside Dubrovnik and it is quiet apart from the ferries (small ones!) to and from Dubrovnik and the other islands, and some boat tours. The apartment is perfectly adequate for a couple, and the room that is another bedroom can be used as a lounge as it now has a sofa/daybed and TV set up as so. (It is 2 single beds otherwise). The rooms have OUTSTANDING views - wide open windows showed the crystal clear water and you could listen to the water lapping at night, or use the shutters or double glazed windows if you prefer total peace. It is a quiet place to stay so there is no real noise to disturb you. The family live below the apartment and they were not intrusive, or too discreet. They are very accomodating and friendly and they gave us cooked fish for lunch one day and the courgettes they picked from their allotment another. They also picked us up from the airport and took us to the supermarket in Dubrovnik which was a great help! Then took us by boat to the apartment, same on departure, for a small fee. It was a highlight for us to go from rainy Britain to hot sun and sea, getting in their boat with our cases! We had perfect weather all week - first week of June 2012 - and it was not at all busy even though there is a hotel on the island and was half term. The people that come by off the boat trips actually were quite nice to people watch - it never felt busy or crowded, and the island itself felt a little like 1950's Italy. Charming. The internet was on and off but not really a problem. I would recommend they get a tin opener, a frying slice, spatula, a sharp knife and a couple of mugs instead of small teacups but this is just feedback, we didn't mind this overall. I recommend the restaurant on the corner, past the apartment for a special splurge type meal if you are eating at the apartment most of the time as we did. I think it is called Villa Ruza or Cruza. It has the most fantastic views and wonderful service - fresh fish caught that day and you can have carpaccio of tuna or salmon mousse and wine while you wait, watching the sunset before you. We had a cocktail one night too and you can just use as a bar.